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    Time Sert 11155 Inserts – Best Fix Best Prices

    Time Sert 11155 Discount PriceDennisB © Summary: See current Time Sert 11155 prices (be sure to click on Buy in bulk and save). Best prices on Time Sert replacement inserts part number 11155. Also the same as Kent Moore J-42385-507 because Time Sert manufacturer’s thses inserts for Kent Moore which is GM’s OE tool manufacturer name. The inserts are made primarily for head bolt thread repair kits used on many manufacturer’s engines like Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, Honda and more. In fact any manufacturer that uses the M11x1.5 size head bolt can benefit from using a Time Sert kit and this insert. Over size kits and inserts are also available if a competitive brand repair has previously failed. The length of the 11155 is 30mm which is a very common length when dealing with head bolt thread repairs. The 11155 is made of carbon steel which is 10 times stronger than the original aluminum threads. With manufacturer’s today using so much aluminum it’s good to know that there’s an insert that can fix these blocks instead of replacing them. In fact GM and Toyota have TSB’s in place calling for Time Sert to be used for head bolt thread repair when therir aluminum threads fail. What makes Time Sert unique when compared to otehr brand thread repair kits is the way their inserts are held in. The driver installation tool finishes the bottom threads which is called cold rolling. During this step the bottom of the insert is spread, expanding it and locking it into place from the bottom. This is a far superior way of holding the insert in.

    The Permanent Loctite #266 is also used as extra insurance to hold the Time Sert 11155 insert in place. Bulk discount prices for machine shops, auto repair shops, dealerships and individuals. Time Sert 11155 Inserts for 2200, J-42385-500, J42385-2000, 6001, 6111 and 7111. Save by purchasing bulk,  the more you buy the more you save. We have great deals on Time Sert thread repair kits also. See our websites, and or call either 800-524-9783 or 800-734-8665. Bulk Time Sert 11155 inserts discount prices at Wise Auto Tools.


    Comment from Dennis Bandy
    Time October 30, 2015 at 1:04 pm

    Rather purchase over the phone? Call 800-734-8665.

    Comment from Jimbo L
    Time October 30, 2015 at 1:07 pm

    How much for a 100?

    Comment from Dennis Bandy
    Time October 30, 2015 at 1:09 pm

    Hey Jimbo, right now a hundred costs $248 with free shipping. The price will change at the first of the year!

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