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    Can I buy just the thread tap out of the Time Sert 2200 kit?

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    DennisB © Summary: Frequently, we have customers that are trying to save money by not purchasing a complete Time-Sert thread repair kit. We understand. Who doesn’t like saving money? However, if someone purchases only part of the tools for a repair and do it incorrectly, they’re really not saving any money. In fact it […]

    Ford E350 Spark Plug Blowout – Which Kit is Best?

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    Customer: Hello Dennis, I’m pretty sure I need the TIME-SERT 5553 Ford Spark Plug Thread Repair kit, but I’m not sure which inserts I need fully threaded or not. Can you tell me how to tell if I need the fully threaded inserts or not? Thanks, James Wise Response: Hello James, Thanks for the inquiry. What year […]

    Spark Plug Thread Repair Do’s and Don’ts

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    Spark plug threads in an engine can deteriorate when they’re loose due to vibration, resulting in a sparkplug blowout. Aluminum threads in the cylinder head can also be damaged if cross threaded or “seize” due to dislike metals. Ford 2V engines typically have the “spark plug blowout problem” and Ford 3V engines are notorious for […]

    ATD-5410 3V Spark Plug Thread Repair Components

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    DennisB © Summary: Parts and tooling that’s included in the ATD-5410 3V spark plug thread repair kit and basics on how it’s used to restore spark plug threads without removing the cylinder head. The ATD-5410 is a 3V spark plug thread repair kit that repairs damaged aluminum spark plug threads for Ford 3V engines. […]