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    Mercury or Ford P1131, P1151, P0300 Codes

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    DennisB © Summary: Free repair tips from a Master Tech. Vacuum leaks are the primary cause of the P1131 and the P1151 if they are triggered at the same time. A faulty PCV elbow like the one pictured can cause these problems. Sometimes they are difficult to diagnose because the cave in and block […]

    Exploding Takata Airbags? Check the Recall List

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    DennisB © Summary: Check to see if your car or your loved one’s are driving around in a ticking time bomb. Learn which cars are on the list and what action needs to be taken. Takata is the second largest airbag manufacturer in the world and it supplies most car manufacturers, with Honda being their […]

    Chevy VS Buick What’s the difference? It’s complicated.

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    Most people are well aware that Chevrolet and Buick are made by the General Motors Corporation. Once upon a time there were more differences between some models than just different finishings like trim. The engines. I remember when a Buick had a Buick engine and a Chevy had a Chevy engine.

    Water Leaking Into Car Floorboard – Wetting Carpet

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    It’s normal for water to drain off the A/C evaporator coils/fins, but it is obviously not OK for it to drain into the passenger compartment.