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    Water Leaking Into Car Floorboard – Wetting Carpet

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    It’s normal for water to drain off the A/C evaporator coils/fins, but it is obviously not OK for it to drain into the passenger compartment.

    AC Blows Cold Only When Moving – Warm or Hot at Stops

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    Air conditioning tips from an ASE Master Tech that has worked on car A/C in Florida for many years. When a vehicle’s AC system is not blowing cold, the first thing most people think of is adding some Freon. OK, but low refrigerant isn’t always the problem. If 134A is just added and the problem is NOT low refrigerant then now there’s an additional problem – an overcharged system.

    AC Not Cooling Car – Advice on Freon Leak

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    Below is a series of questions and answers from a previous AC article of mine. A visual inspection is the first thing to do when looking for a refrigerant leak. Most car AC systems have UV dye which make looking for problems easier. If unsure about UV dye being in your car’s air conditioning system, look under one of the service port caps. A yellowish green may appear. It’s best to use a UV light, also known as a black light, when looking for the dye to reveal a leak, but sometimes it’s visible with the naked eye.

    How to Tell if an Auto AC Compressor is Bad?

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    This article is written by an ASE Master Tech with many years experience working on automotive air conditioning in Florida. A common question is “How can you tell if a car or truck’s A/C compressor is bad?”. This short easy to understand article answers this question once and for all.